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Change! We just speak English!

On our last chapter meeting (Landesparteitag) we decided that we will change our language into English. German is the most spoken mother tongue in Europe, but English is the most spoken language in Europe and worldwide (Chinese is only the most spoken mother tongue worldwide). At the 25thof May there is the Voting for the European Parliament and we will try to reach more Voters in Germany and abroad.

We will not only fight for a national Europe. We also fight for the surviving of the white people worldwide. In many other countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa it is absolutely necessary to publish our writings in English to reach the people.

Yes, we will continue to fight for a German Germany. And yes, we love our old language. In a world which is growing together it was unavailable to change our old behavior and to look forward into the future. A bright future of and for the white people.  Hopefully you’ll accept our steps and you’ll speak and write in English, too. Let’s fight together for Germany, a white Europe and a white world!

Enclosed you find the German National Anthem and our party program in English.

If you have any request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With all the best wishes,

NPD Lower Saxony

(The 3rdstrophe)

German National Anthem

Unity, Justice and Freedom
for the German Fatherland.
Let's all strive towards this Purpose
Brotherly, with Heart and Hand.
Unity, Justice and Freedom
are the Promise of Happiness.
Flourish in this Blessing's Glory,
Flourish, German Fatherland.

Our party program in English

Fundament of the State is the Nation
Fundament of our Nation is the German Family
The Nation is the Only Authority Regarding Jurisdiction, Security and Armed Force
The Economy should serve the Nation
Cosmopolitan Broad Minded National Economy
Social Politic Based on the Solidarity
Currency, Taxes and Finances
Germany Has to Be German Again
German Sovereignty and Europe of the Nations
Germany in its Historical Shaped Borders
A Nation Without any Past has No future
The Nature is the Common Source of Life
Education and Culture are a Part of National Heritage
Reform of Justice
Security Politics Should Be Based on National Fundament

Finding new solutions.

The concepts and positions of the post-war period are old matters.
The unification of the former regions of the FRG and the GDR,
the collapse the communist system, the emigration and immigration
movements in, to and out of Europe, the transformation of the industry and changes
of the society structures and the doubt about the growing and dominant materialism,
all those questions do require some answers.
The government, politic parties and the society try by all means to continue in the old
manner of the politics. The changes are felt, if noticed at all, only as disturbances
of the well-known world picture. The political established leaders do notice with
increasing disbelieve that they are losing the goodwill of the people. As a matter
of fact they serve as the only solution the "multi-cultural society" which should
create a new society, demographic exchange of inhabitants, to keep the old
politicians in the government, to let them rule as they did before.
As the national opposition the NPD aims the exchange the old powerful class
In order to give the German nation a future in the context of the European
National Family.

We national democrats are, with all consequence, against the dusty ideologies
of the past centuries, against ideological utopias and against multi-ethnical excesses,
to which are the German people presently exposed.

In unification with all right minded people in the world we are against foreign rule
and foreign regulation, against national strangulation, exploitation and oppression.
We stand for German independence, for independence of all nations, for a social
re-organization in Germany according to our traditions and way of life.

1. Fundament of the state is the nation

National heritage and culture are the roots of human dignity. It is the main
task of every state to protect this human dignity and to bear the responsibility for
the nation. The people are the carriers of the cultures. People differ by language,
origin, historical experience, religion, value conceptions and its consciousness.
religion, value conceptions and its consciousness. They become particularly aware
of their cultural characteristic if it is endangered. The preservation of nation's
identity is the preservation of the culture.
Plain societies do not develop a culture as such; they develop something in the
meaning of a civilization or loose society having only material interests.
.."Multi-cultural" societies are actually culture less societies. The variety of the nations
has to be preserved.

The political organization structure of a nation is a homogeneous national state,
where the nation is free to preserve and cherish their values, a state which
guarantees the security, the future and material needs of its inhabitants.
Germany is the country of the Germans and thus the home place of German nation.
The life preservation of our nation and the protection for all parts of the state are the
most important tasks of German policy. Considering this, it is necessary to keep
good relations and friendship with all the good willing nations to be able to protect
own people and to fight against the destruction of the home countries
by multi-cultural, imperialistic and equalizing forces

2. Fundament of our people is the German Family

The smallest community within our nation is the family. The family
deserves therefore the special allowance and care of the state. The family
should be promoted before all other partnerships. National democrats
reject each the community endangering "self-implementation" and with
it the accompanying limitless egoism. The family is the living link to our
inherited traditions the teacher of the native language, habits and moral.
The family is carrier of the biological inheritance.
A nation which does let happen the destruction of the family will lose the
own strength and vitality because without a healthy family there will be not
any health nation in the future. Children benefit as a national political measure
of the state should be distributed only to German families. Special protection
should be given to pregnant women and the future life. Abortion should be
permitted only in cases endangering the life of the mother or after rape.
Social housing should have the priority and consider the welfare of the families
with children having a high level of child friendly surroundings and the priority
in communal planning. Together of the generations should be possible.

Growing up together with parents, brothers and sisters in domestic security,
is the best natural education for developing the personality a child would ever wish.
No patchwork families. The security of the intact family is the best way fighting
against the increasing cases of psychological illnesses of the youth.

The task being a mother and/or housewife can't be compared with any occupation
or job at all. Every woman being mother and/or housewife should receive
a salary, classified considering the number of children, the educative skills and
responsibility running a family. It should not be necessity to have work outside
because of financial reasons having two jobs. Their old-age pension is to be secured
independently. The same for single fathers as well.
The NPD endorses woman politics, which grant full equal rights to the women and girls.
The achievements of the women at the reconstruction of our country after
1945 should be appreciated.

3. All government authority proceeds from the nation

The national democracy presupposes homogenous community. Political
organization structure has to be arranged to make it possible the for
the authorized organs to act in agreement according to basic targets
the nation aims for. The state should be objective and independent standing
above the egoism of individual groups and taking the full responsibility.
The exchangeability of the governments by democratic vote,
control of the powerful ones by the nation and the examination of the
legal standards of the decisions are the fundament of each legal order.
Vacuum and outlawed areas cannot be tolerated.

The influence of the nation, the people, has to be strengthened using
the tool of the elections and referenda. To secure the government power
by restrictions of the freedom and/or of the expression of the free opinion as
well as monopolizing the freedom of the opinion according the targets
of the dominant ruling classes has to be terminated. The president, as the head
of the state must stand political non-party bound not mixing in the political daily
fight. Therefore he should not be selected by the parties but directly by
the people using a referendum.

4. The economy should and must serve the nation

The economy of our people is not autonomous, but part
of the whole one. The state must provide a framework guidelines to the
economy; if necessary, arranging directives and carry them through, if the public
interest this requires. . Not the nation serves the economy; on the
contrary the economy must serve the people.

The main point of the national democratic economic politic is the synthesis
of business liberty and social obligation. Therefore the NPD prefers a free,
social obligated economy. The guidance of the national economy is
however the task of the state and is a subject to its final responsibility.

The industry as such and the service industries being transferred from Germany
Into so called cheap wage countries is to be prohibited, morally condemned
and punished with high taxes.

The unification of the German partial states the FRG and the GDR and
the collapse of the monopolistic command economy in the GDR created
new problems which an approach with the old economy concepts could hardly solve.
The sales of enterprises and factories by the "Trust" and its successor (BVS)
make of the whole Central Germany a complete poverty region with an
enormous hardly to understand unemployment. The "Trust" successor has to
be an integrated part of national property with the main task the reconstruction
of German industry and agriculture. Instead of destructive consultation it should
offer some positive structure consultation. The industrial research - a backbone
of the production and processing innovation which has been eliminated as far as
possible by the "Trust" in Central Germany - has to be activated again
as the main task of the successor (BVS)

The medium size economy has to be restored as a vital component of our
national economy and particularly make headway in Central Germany.
The NPD will consequent defend the German trade, handicraft and their training

5. Cosmopolitan broad minded national economy

The German economy including the foreigner enterprises active in Germany has
to serve the German nation for its material safety and intellectual-cultural
development. Social and economic interests have to be
harmonized according the conditions of the country, people and ecology. The
economy may not destroy Germany's environment and not alienate its
population. The land and ground are property of the German nation.
Every German has the right to work. The jobs should be offered in first place to
German population. Men and women are equal considering the working area, their rights
and their treatment.

The employees should take part in the production's ability. What the automation
and rationalization at work and wages takes should be compensated through
participation in the profit of the economy.

The NPD refuses the internationalization of the national economies which is being
systematically put into the practice in the capitalistic economic system. This globalization
of the economy is based on the outdated and wrong aim of the maximum exploitation
of the earth by creation of economic mono cultures in accordance with the so-called "law of the
comparative advantages". The NPD rejects the globalization of the
German economy which is directly the cause of a huge mass of unemployment.
The NPD demands one on the domestic habitat oriented versatile and
well balanced social national economy.
The international trade is a necessary addition to the national economy but may not
scoop this out of its varieties and substance.

6. Currency, taxes and finances

The financial capital operating in Germany has to serve the German national economy.
The limitless flourishing increase of the available capital in the capitalistic
financial and economic system through subsidy -, tax -, credit and
interest privileges leads to serious erroneous trends of the economy and therefore
must be tight controlled. The national and private debt economy
operating in Germany leads to a harmful blow up of the national economy
situation. The NPD demands a tightening up of the law considering the legal basis for the
prevention of such an abuse (art. 115 GG).

It does harm the nation, if Germany gives itself up as an independent state,
to become a part of "EEC/European Union Europe" which has no obligations to
any national oriented economy. The loss of national currency is a fatal step into
the wrong direction. Any economic a finance politics of the national democrats
with obligation to the nation cannot tolerate a loss of national currency and financial

7. Social politics based on Solidarity

The national community prospers only when having a proper social justice.
The fundament of social politics means the solidarity with the members of the community.
It should offer the security to each member of the community.

We need a social politic in unity with social justice and economic reason. It has its
task to strengthen the prosperity of the whole nation, the individuals in all periods
of the human life, to protect people against unexpected distress and to secure
care-free old age. A social politics according to the dream picture
of the total welfare state, which burden becomes a nightmare to all working people,
misses its task and is anti-social. A social wage and salary politic should secure
a sufficient and fair part of the income for everyone.

National democratic social politic should feel the obligation it has to the social
weak part of the nation. Foreigners should be excluded from the German Social
Security System. Asylum-seekers may not possess the right of a claim of a requirement
to receive German social security benefits.

A durable safety device of all social achievement - including the old age pensions -
is only possible by the introduction of a production-referred social security contributions
considering the radical changes by progressive automation. We national socialists
engage us for the new community order, which overcomes the existing group egoism
and leads to social security and justice.

8. Germany has to be German again

The interaction of high finance, government and trade unions brought millions
of foreigners, the slaves of the modern time, to Germany. This politics is being
continued by, the human and national dignity contemptuous, Integration.
Foreigners and Germans are alienated equally from their homeland and losing
their roots, threatened with the loss of their identity, leading up to the destruction
of the families. In numerous cities is a huge ghetto forming in which parts the German
remaining population becomes the minority in the own country.

The life in these residential areas, their poor school care and education level and the social
surrounding field becomes intolerable. Germans and the immigrants face each other
more and more hostilely. The internal peace is increasingly endangered by this development.

A fundamental political change must terminate the inhuman and
hostile integration politics and keep alive the German human substance.
The right of all people to have a future worth living, the right of the nations
to self-determination, to cultural and national identity has the priority before
unconditional, one-sided and short sighted pursuit of gain and profiteering.
The members of other nations having a job in our country in the present should
have the possibility to protect their cultural and national identity. This makes
it easier after returning to their homelands.

We National Democrats demand the total cancellation of the so called
"asylum paragraph" Art. 16 The world-wide peculiar and unique right of asylum
of the Federal Republic of Germany caused not only an outrageous misuse but also
a financial burden of billions. The task should be a world-wide regulation of political
pursuit asylum in neighbour countries or in, if impossible, even in more distant countries
of the same or similar cultural area. This solution is more human because the connection
with the home country and/or families is easier and less complicated.

9. German Sovereignty and Europe of the Nations

The European continent comes from one crisis into the next. National finances with
their huge debts, mass unemployment, social decline, national disagreements and civil wars
represent "EU - Europe" of the officials and technocrats. Lack of responsibility,
corruption and inability form a system which instead of prospering suffers by the Common
Market weakness.

To give up the national sovereignty, the DM currency to this wretched alliance of supranational
technocrats and officials, to introduce the right for foreigners to vote, this all means
destruction of Germany and giving all that up what past generations had created, our national
community, resources, culture, all our national heritage.

In the whole world nations awake from a dream and refuse the multi-cultural unit illusion.
Basis of a European re-organisation has to be the national order principle, the right
of the self-determination of the nations and the principle of the national ancestry.
Only then can "EU - Europe" succeed, becoming Europe of the nations, a healthy, strong,
social Europe protecting its historical national diversity.

10. Germany in its historical shaped borders

The re-establishment of Germany is not completed with the unification of the occupied
constructions known as FRG and GDR. Germany is larger than the Federal Republic.
The cancellation of the enemy state clauses in the Charter of the United Nations is the prime
condition for equal rights of the nations.

We demand the revision of the border acknowledgment contracts resolved after the war.

Injustice cannot be the basis of a durable peace between the nations. This shows up
clearly in the last decade of the 20th century in which the nations from Balkans to the Baltic
suffered under the late consequences of the First World War.

The loss of the German regions ignoring in disdain the historical entity of Germany cannot be accepted. We persist consistently in a fair and in the long term peace serving

The arrangement of the states is changing. In the context of this re-organisation Germany has
to aspire - in agreement with the International Law and the agreement of Helsinki - to a peaceful
politic solution considering reunification within its historical grown borders.

In the meantime we have the obligation to help millions of Germans to keep their German culture,
identity and heritage in the regions separated from the main body of Germany.

11. A nation without any past, its historical roots has no future

Germany needs for its future sake its historical picture and roots placing the nation into
the central and real point of view

We loathe the moral self-distraction of our nation by one-sided debt assignments
debited to Germany, the revaluation of the high treason and the glorification of the
ally war crimes.

We demand therefore for the protection of the honour of the German nation:
The proscription of the one sided historical rewriting and slander to the detriment of Germany.
We are not a nation of criminals.
A confession of our former opponents that the purposeful bombardment of the civilian
population, the murder and expulsion of millions of German civilians from their
home regions after the war and the killing of the German prisoners of war are crimes
which should be still punished until today.

No replacement of the liberty of research by a government ordered and political by law
supervised historical picture defaming Germany.

12. The nature is the common source of life

The German landscapes are culture landscapes with the general entity of the nature.
It is not possible the see environmental protection separated from the cultural development.

All humans are a part of the nature therefore the nature is not simply only a human
environment. The materialism of the last decades speeded up the destruction of the
natural living conditions in an irresponsible way. Unrestrained economic growth, radical landscape
change, ambitious and out of proportions industrial projects, industrialization of
the agriculture, urbanization of villages as well as the destruction of
grown urban structures are irresponsibly expedited by established
parties, federations and groups of interests. The one-sided adjustment
at material values and economic obligations leads inevitably to the
destruction of the traditional ties and culture. The people are
alienated, disrupted and uprooted, losing their identity.

The protection of the nature cannot be based only on one-sided economic considerations.
The preservation of the natural habitats and sources of life is more important than the
profitability of enterprises. Because of this reason, the National Democratic Party
promotes the rural family business also in underdeveloped regions. The farms
should be checked though for their environmental compatibility.

All genetically changed goods must subject to the approval and marking obligation
in Germany

The funds for the atomic research program should be made available for the study
and development of alternative energies.

The protection of the animals and the preservation of the diversity of species is a vital part
of the nature protection. The avoidance of unnecessary cruelty caused to animals is
self-evident. Infringement should be punished as a crime.

13. Education and culture are a part of national heritage

Using the fundament of the dogma of the alleged "equality of all humans" and unreasonable
reforms, our education system is pushed into today's desolate condition.
Behind these outdated conceptions of society changing reforms stands the thought,
it is possible to create a new society of humans with the same abilities and the same
achievement, using new education programs.

As the experience shows and the science proves, humans are unequal regarding their
talents and efficiency. The realization and development of collectivistic equal education
at all schools and universities carries the responsibility for its results which contains
a huge palette of behaviour disturbances, mental illnesses and juvenile delinquency. The absence
of erudition and knowledge as well as the absence of an elite are further the characteristics
of this wrong policy

Promotion of talent and alternative high level education should be developed.

We national democrats are for the variety of the life and its features in
nature and culture and therefore to the acknowledgment and attention of
the natural inequality of humans. Humans are equal before the law and
in their human dignity

14. Reform of Justice

There are serious bad disturbances in the German juridical system.
Prevailing pursuit of the national opposition or toleration of the drug traffic by
the juridical authorities and the and the political autocracy in the background.
This law practice is not compatible with right-national juridical principles.
In addition it endangers the law consent in Germany and ruins annually ten thousands
human lives in the present.

The NPD requires therefore a reform of the German
juridical system according strictly juridical national principles:

The protection of the victims by force crimes should be ensured.
Actual independence of the Justice from any external effect, in particular
on the part of the executives, autocracy and the media.
Put an end to authority arbitrariness by extension of the criminal law regulations
considering white collar offence.
Organization and stabilization of the police force considering the protection of the inhabitants.
Abolition of the injustice from the past in reference to the citizens of Central Germany, former
Re-establishment of the capital punishment in particularly grievous crimes by repeated
sexual-, child-, robbery- or mass murder and grievous cases in the drug trade.
The long claimable accusation of war mass murderers on the ally side and the revision
of the until now prohibiting contracts.
Deportation of criminal foreigners. The statement, there are stricter punishments in the homeland
of an asylum-seeker then in Germany, should be not relevant.
Intensified environmental and animal protection by taking harder measures against polluters,
particularly in the large-scale industry, prevention of cruelty to animals and the introduction of an
effectively working environmental police.

15. Security and military should be based on national fundament

National service is an honour, serving the German nation. Therefore the NPD affirms
the national service in the German Federal Armed forces. Women may participate
voluntarily in the military or serve a social work year. The courageous attitude of
German soldiers of all times must be a model for the German Federal Armed
Forces. The soldier has to know what values he defends and that nobody forces him to
serve and fight for other countries interests.

The supreme command over German soldiers must be in German hands.
The proper education of a German general staff is necessary. The NPD demands the re-establishment
of the military jurisdiction maintaining the necessary discipline.

National security politics must be aligned to national military politics. It has the task
to keep the peace in Europe.
European security politics represents the interests of Europe in
the world and guarantees the internal peace in Europe with application
of international law.

German armed forces may not be the tool of international great power politics.
Therefore demands the NPD the withdrawal from the NATO and the creation of
a European safety system.

Participation in the context of the UN are to be rejected, as long as
there are the enemy state clauses of the UN statute incriminating Germany,
therefore not all nation of the UN are equal.

Participation in the context of a European security politics require permission
by the "national security council", which requires the agreement of the federal daily
and/or the emergency parliament within four weeks. The national security
council deals with all questions in the connection of a military participation
of the German Federal Armed Forces in the context of a European Defence
Community. Highest principles are always the interests of the national
defence and the application of international law. Taking care of war
participants and their relatives is a duty of honour of the German

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